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So we haven’t done a homeburg comp in a while… no need to get up in our grill about it!

Hopefully we can make it up to you, cause when you put our meat in your mouth, you’re gonna want to swallow… It’s that time fatties, the quarter-yearly homeburg comp has arrived! And it comes at a good time too, cause just around the corner is our favourite little foodie festival… MEATSTOCK!

Time to get the Barbecues outs, start up those chimneys, and find yourself a cold… you betcha all about them smokey wood flavours of a BARBECUE! This month, we want you, our special fbas cooks to cook us up a delicious looking burger on barbeques! But here’s the catch… your proteins need to be cooked over wood or wood products! That’s right… NO GAS ALLOWED!

“What’s in it for me?” you may be asking, well what about 2 tickets to Meatstock Sydney? Not good enough…. What about some Merch too? Still not good enough…? Well.. how bout a spot on the judges table TOO!??? That tickle ya fancy?

So fire up the Webber, Akorn, Offset, Spit or your Wood Fire Oven, get outside and get cooking! Thanks to Meatstock for providing us with the goods this March!

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