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February 2018

Winners: All About The Meat

February and March WINNERS!!!

It gives us great pleasure to announce winners of the Monroe's Burgers & Beers’ MASSIVE homeburg competition, including flights to Melbourne, Beer tours and feasts to feed a king!
It was an awesome month with more than 30 amazing entries and so deciding winners was tough!

Melbourne Winner: Michael Quinn!
Congratulations you and 7 of your friends will be going on a brewery tour of the Yarra Valley ended with a magnificent feast provided by Monroe’s for you and all your friends! Make sure to take some photos and upload them here on FBAS!

Australian Winner: Tristan Chambers!
Congratulations you and a friend will be flown down to Melbourne for a weekend with a night’s accommodation! You and your friend will go on a brewery tour of the Yarra Valley, with lunch at Monroe’s, followed by a Melbourne Burger tour checking out Melbourne’s best burger spots!

Review Competition: Ash Jansz!
For entering a review of one of Melbourne’s finest burger joints you have won yourself a free Monroe’s Burger!

Mystery Prize: Callum Noel Davies
For tagging a mate and liking the original competition post, you have won yourself a free Monroe’s Burger the next time you get down to Melbourne!

In recognition of the amazing community response to the comp, Monroe's Burger and Beers would also love to throw two Runner’s Up Melbourne Prizes!
Congratulations to Jonathon Le and Booma Bromage for your efforts - you will both be receiving TWO free Monroe’s Burgers each!

Huge thanks to Monroe’s Burgers and Beers for their contribution to the past two months #fbashomeburg Competition!

Massive congratulations to all the winners, and for all those of you who missed out, huge thanks for your magnificent burger creations! Please message Paul Stephens to claim your prizes!

A friendly reminder that our May Meatstock competition is NOW OPEN! But only for another 2 weeks. Don’t miss the opportunity to win a spot to COMPETE at the Meatstock Sydney burger comp! GOOD LUCK!


Classic Double Cheeseburger

Classic Double Cheeseburger by Michael Quinn

By Michael Quinn

Tristan's Pretzels

Tristan's Pretzels by Tristan Chambers

By Tristan Chambers


All About The Meat

Monroe's Burgers & Beers


Classic Double Cheeseburger by Michael Quinn

Classic Double Cheeseburger by Michael Quinn

A classic double cheeseburger.

  • 2 x beef patties: 60% rump cap (Picanha) & 40% short rib
  • 2 x coles smokey cheese slices
  • sliced pickles
  • diced onion
  • ketchup & mustard on top
  • mayo on bottom
  • on a homemade white bun

So for my entry in this month's competition I decided to use two of my favourite cuts of beef. Rump cap (also known as picanha) produces some of the best flavour from beef you can get when cooked over fire and salted liberally. This is why I decided to cook my patties on the Weber BBQ. I chose short rib, because it has a very strong and unique flavour like nothing else you get from beef, and it is quite fatty. A necessity for burgers, fat is flavour. The patties were cooked for maybe a minute either side over very high heat.

I didn't want to go overboard on flavours so I tried to keep it basic and involve things that I believe only accentuate the flavours of the beef. Pickles, onions and the holy trinity of sauces (ketchup, mustard & mayo). Oh and cheese. You gotta have cheese. I like making thinner patties so you can get that cheese right throughout the beef.

The buns were just a simple & quick white burger bun recipe I found online. I needed a change from brioche, and wanted to test myself.

side note: I've been meaning to get my own meat grinder for aaaaages, and this competition spurred me on to do so. Prior to this I'd been getting butchers to mince my meat, which is fine, but getting your own grinder really is worth it, and pretty cheap.

Tristan's Pretzels by Tristan Chambers

Tristan's Pretzels by Tristan Chambers

Here's the breakdown, bottom to top;

  • Pretzel bun, buttered & toasted
  • Red onion
  • Lamb mince/beef mince 70:30 patty
  • Swiss cheese
  • Streaky bacon
  • Chimmichurri
  • Cold smoked honey
  • Smoked bone marrow butter-naise
  • Pretzel bun top

I threw my mincer out last week so Troy Hepple aka troys meats got the job of mincing this. We chose lamb shoulder but cut it 70:30 with 95% lean beef chuck. This wasn't for flavour but to reign in some of the fat content of the lamb and give the patty some stability and handling against shrinkage in the smoker. The result was a superbly lamby-flavoured patty that sucked up a heap of sweet nutty pecan smoke but didnt collapse into a pool of fats. I elected for a swiss cheese as it's similarly mild, sweet and nutty to compliment the lamb without overpowering its gamey flavour.

With anything fatty i like a sharp vinegar contrast and this came from the chimmichurri sauce - punchy, herbal and garlicky.

However with anything vinegary i also like a balance of sweetness to round off the edge and that came from the redgum smoked honey and the caramelised streaky bacon.

Finally, the smoked bonemarrow butter-naise was a final push to lift that rich meaty flavour and also a vessel to sneak in some mayonnaise; an essential ingredient for my own burger tastes.

Pretzel bun chosen for its salty, malty and sweet taste and great looks.

Rump and Porky Burger by Aimee Rush

Rump and Porky Burger by Aimee Rush

Okay, first time entering this, first time posting here so hopefully I've done it all correct. I always make burgs at home so thought I'd give entering a go.

  • Crispy homemade overnight pickles
  • Bourbon bbq glaze
  • Crispy bacon
  • Mild blue cheese
  • Grass fed beef rump and smokey bacon blend patty
  • Onion and bacon jam
  • Homemade milk bun

Tried to keep it relatively simple because everything has so much flavour.

Patty: Approx 70% grass fed beef rump, 30% bacon. Chose this because the rump gave it a super beefy flavour, i wanted something strong to go with the cheese and the glaze to make a really rich filling cut by the crispy pickles and milk bun. The bacon added a tasty smokiness and fat, along with a good amount of fat from the rump made for a super juicy burger. Cheers to the guys at Super Butcher Browns Plains for mincing this up for me since a mincer at home is still on the wishlist

Pickle: Cucumber, vinegar, salt, chilli flakes, peppercorns, mustard seed

Onion bacon jam: bacon, red onion, white onion, mustard seed, dark brown sugar, balsamic vinegar

Bourbon glaze: Bourbon, Ketchup, kecap manis, honey, mustard, worcestershire sauce, cayenne pepper

Home made milk buns: Online recipe, first time making, turned out really soft and so tasty but maybe a tiny bit denser than i would have liked


The Lord of the Ring by Kyle Rutten

The Lord of the Ring by Kyle Rutten

So I thought I would take a crack at the new home burg comp.

This beauty consisted of two different meats in the pattie + bacon done a bit fancy. 50% chuck and 50% brisket. I chose these two because 1. They are my favourite and 2. Brisket gives you a ton of flavour and is super beefy cause this muscle is used everyday. 3. Chuck I feel almost needs to be in a burger as its the go to and provides a nice "steak" likeness to a burg. It's also full of beefy flavour.

I had the lovely people at my local butcher (Hudsons Meats in Lance Cove) grind it for me cause I usually go there and they are always happy to create whatever burger combos I want + it saved me time which is great.

There was plenty of fat on the cuts so I would guess the ratio around 70/80-30/20.

I love bacon and I love onion rings, so I thought why not combine them? I definitely didn't invent the wheel but "bacon rings" were born. Using maple glazed bacon this added an amazing crunch, sweetness and nice "bacon" flavour. I went all in and made the ring batter myself (simple google recipe) and for being the first time they came out amazing! I was in the zone so I decided to make some actual onion rings on the side which were some of the best I had, if I do say so myself.

I kept this burger quite simple besides the bacon rings with just some lettuce for crisp and colour (and so the wife doesn't reject me) and double woolies smoky cheese which melted beautifully on the webber.

I attached a photo of the centre so you can see the bacon ring (I know the haters would have been like "HOW DO WE KNOW THERE IS BACON IN THERE!?".

For the sauce I made my trusty favourite. Equal parts mayo + ketchup, 1 tsp dijon mustard and a healthy amount of paprika. The patties were also heavily seasoned with course salt and pepper.

All in all it was super tasty, moist and delicious burger with a nice crunch from the onion rings.


Legendary Louis Lunch Hamburger by Jay Krome

Legendary Louis Lunch Hamburger by Jay Krome

It was time to replicate (as best I could) the Legendary Louis Lunch Hamburger (Est. 1895).

Louis' "secret" is using a multiple (I think it’s 5) cut blend of beef for the ultimate flavour and texture. Cooking it quite rare and using minimal condiments; an onion grilled with the pattie, fresh tomato slice and mustard. Served on toasted sliced white bread. Yes, WHITE BREAD! They also cook them in these ancient upright grills (which, unfortunately I cannot replicate).

The 5 cuts that I used: 

  1. Strip loin (45 day dry aged) 
  2. Tender loin (45 day dry aged) 
  3. Chuck 
  4. Short Rib 
  5. Brisket

I got the aged beef off a tbone I had left over knowing its best rare and tender (blasphemy, but it was lush and a sneaky way to get two different muscles). Chose the other cuts for their fat content and strong flavours.

The beef was the show stopper for sure!!! Juicy and super beefy in flavour. I cooked it rare af! And I’m pretty sure that’s how it’s served at Louis. It was perfect to me. Others, maybe not so much. The pink juices soaking into the crispy, toasty white bread like it’s supposed to. With the crispy toasted outer edge remaining true to the last bite. The onion and tomato work magic, simple but perfect acid and sweet. Mustard just complimenting the beef but never over powering.

Not an original from me, but it’s my way of paying tribute to what some call the home of the Hamburger.


The Spicy Meatball by David Gabriel

The Spicy Meatball by David Gabriel

My entry into #fbashomeburg comp. I call it - The Spicy Meatball!


  • Beef (3-star regular beef mince) mixed with finely chopped hot Italian sopressa
  • Smoked cheese slices (x2 each burg)
  • Iceberg lettuce
  • Sliced white onion (soaked 10 mins in white vinegar, salt & chili flakes)
  • Dill pickle
  • Burger buns
  • Homemade "Mac-style" Hot sauce

"Mac-style" Hot sauce:

  • 1/2 cup mayo
  • 1 tbs gherkin relish
  • 1 tsp castor sugar
  • 1 tsp white vinegar
  • 1 tsp onion powder
  • 2 tsp yellow mustard
  • 1 tsp cayenne pepper powder
  • Good splash of Franks Hot Sauce!

Bon appetite fellow Fatties!


All about the meat by Booma Bromage

All about the meat by Booma Bromage

Plain and simple, a cheeseburger, fresh toppings

My 2 cuts for a patty that is all about the meat are: Chuck and Short Rib.

I predominately use Chuck as you can find nicely marbled chuck, that has great fat content and a nice beefy taste. Chuck is used always in my mince grinds. It has loads of flavour, and straight away you know its good beef. Texturally very consistent.

Short rib is a great cut as it brings in another flavour and texture. Along with its strong beefy hit, it also has a slight nutty taste, texturally in a patty, it is a little firmer than chuck but also has lots of nice fat that renders brilliantly into the patty.

So they are my 2 cuts of choice for a patty all about the meat.

Brioche bun, homemade sauce (mayo, mustard, tomato and diced cucumber pickles), fresh butter lettuce, tomato, raw white onion and topped with a few more sweet cucumber pickles. Patty was topped with a good sharp cheddar.


Smokin Juicy Lucy by Simon Hansen

Smokin Juicy Lucy by Simon Hansen

Introducing my 'Smokin Juicy Lucy!'

Consists of: 

  • 2x juicy lucy patties (home smoked cheddar in the middle)
  • 2x smoked cheddar cheese
  • 2x home made + smoked bacon
  • Sweet pickles
  • Crispy onions
  • Onion relish
  • Mayo (top and bottom)
  • Heinz ketchup + mustard
  • Brioche bun

My patties consist of freshly ground chuck and scotch fillet. Two of my favourite cuts. Chuck for burgers and SF for a quick weeknight steak dinner. I've never combined the two cuts until tonight and I'm definitely pleased with the taste!


Courtney's Meat by Courtney Simuong

Courtney's Meat by Courtney Simuong

My entry for "All about the meat"

  • 50% chuck steak
  • 40% short rib
  • 10% smoked bacon

This indeed was all about the meat! 3x 150gm coarsely ground patties, seasoned with salt and pepper just before hitting the pan.

These patties were amazing! Both the chuck and the short rib work so well together. The meat was full of flavour, juicy and the texture was spot on.

Adding the bacon adds an extra richness and you can taste a hint of the smoke in the patty.

Topped this burg off with white onion, bread and butter pickles, american mustard, tomato sauce and burger cheese in a milk bun


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