Blame Canada Tribute

July 2016

Winners: Blame Canada Tribute

For July, in tribute to the ubiquitous 'Blame Canada' burger from Bar Luca Sydney, we asked our budding home cooks to come up with a burger based around a specific country, and food elements that are authentic to and reflective of their chosen location (and, of course, it had to taste amazing!).

We had a fantastic response from the community with over 25 entries, with some entrants posting 3 or more different style burgers. And some really interesting entries as well - although some notable gaps.. no 'Blame Russia', 'Blame Africa' or anything from the Middle East!! Hmm the possibilities!!

In the end it was Fatties regular Terence Sparkes who came away with the prize with his 'Blame USA' burger. USA - Home of fast food; it's no surprise really that this came out on top. But Terry took the humble burger and elevated it to a sublime level. Sarah really liked the care and preparation/steps that Terry took (and laid out for us in his entry) as well as the inclusion of Jack Daniels in the sauce and cornflakes to help crumb the patty. In her words, "he didn't just put meat and sauce on a bun".

Big thanks to our sponsors and long-standing partners Sarah and James Robbins for their support.


Blame USA

Blame USA by Terence Sparkles

By Terence Sparkles


Blame Canada Tribute

Bar Luca


Blame USA by Terence Sparkles

Blame USA by Terence Sparkles


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