Fast Food Burgers

August 2016

Winners: Fast Food Burgers

After what can only be described as a stellar month for home burgering, we returned in August 2016 to do it all again. The Fatmin team was excited to partner with some of the hardest working and straight up nicest folk in the Sydney food game - Ompty and their business partners - to offer our esteemed members some truly awesome prizes.

"Who is Ompty" you say? Well, headed up by the champion himself Michael Heav in partnership with Tony Hollingsworth, Ompty has strong ties with a number of food venues to offer you - the punters - great deals on food. Ever got a 2 for 1 burger from Bare Grill? Probably because of Ompty. Ever gotten one of Anthony Parzakonis' famous free coffees at Inferno Grill? Probably because of Ompty.

As far as the burger game goes, Ompty has strong alliances with Bare Grill & Cafe, Inferno Grill & Cafe Maroubra, Lashings Brighton, ONE tea lounge & grill, Soul Burger, The Feedbag Burger Restaurant and Belfield on Botany to name a few. I know I tried my first ever 'Clucking Pig' from Inferno Grill and never looked back.

We asked our members to re-create their favourite 'fast food' burger - whether it was a Big Mac from McDonalds, a Whopper from Burger King, or a Zinger from KFC.;

In the end after a solid month of entries, David Winch prevailed (following a runner-up performance in July) with his take on the McDonalds' classic Cheeseburger!


Classic Cheeseburger

Classic Cheeseburger by David Winch

By David Winch


Fast Food Burgers

Ompty Australia


Classic Cheeseburger by David Winch

Classic Cheeseburger by David Winch

"Last Sunday I was hungover AF and in my diminished state figured a trip to Macca's was in order. I was soon rewarded with the most lamentable cheeseburger ever thrown can see the evil lil fucker in the bottom pic. Note the demonic anti-gravity cheese giving me the finger....and indeed every bite was another "fuck you" wink

The top pic is my take on the clown's cheeseburger: 140 g home ground scotch fillet patty, double smoked cheese, Spanish onion, pickles, ketchup/sriracha mix, American mustard, brioche.

How was it? EPIC! Faith restored in cheeseburger x 1000" 

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