FBAS Homeburg Of 2016

December 2016

Winners: FBAS Homeburg Of 2016

After a year full of hundreds of home burgers, the cream of home burger chefs rose to the top and came together to compete against one another for the title of FBAS Homeburg Of The Year !

With an amazing prize on offer - the opportunity to have their own creation professionally recreated by some of Fatties' business partners (and the biggest names in the burger biz) - competition was fierce. As you can see below, some truly mouth-watering, amazing burgers were created!

In the end however, it was Michael Fong's "Get Ducky" duck burger that came out victorious and was recreated by more than 15 businesses across Sydney. Michael is The Fatties Burger Appreciation Society's first ever #fbashomeburgoftheyear champion.

Who will rise to the top and become champion in 2017?


Get Ducky

Get Ducky by Michael Fong

By Michael Fong


FBAS Homeburg Of 2016

The Fatties Burger Appreciation Society


Get Ducky by Michael Fong

Get Ducky by Michael Fong

- Duck Bacon (cured and cold-smoked at home, then pan-fried)
- Black garlic aioli + Spiced cranberry “ketchup” (ever so slightly alcoholic)
- French fried onions
- 200g beef patty (standard fatty chuck/brisket mince from butcher)
- Havarti cheese
- Sage and mushroom stuffing
- On St. Malo Bakery's milk buns

Chicken Mojito by Nathan Tchier

Chicken Mojito by Nathan Tchier

Construction from the base up
Brasserie milk bun toasted in butter
Lime & mint aioli
Home grown ice burg lettuce
Seasoned Chicken Breast fillet flame grilled in Havana club rum & brown sugar glaze
White cheddar
Twice fried hash brown
White cheddar
Seasoned breast fillet flame grilled in Havana club rum & brown sugar glaze
Lime mint aioli
Mojito pickles
Avocado fan
More aioli
Brasserie lid
Roasted Green Bell chilli popper on top

In terms of technique I've tried to capture the essence of a Mojito in a chicken burger
I've tried to showcase my steps via photo so sorry for the huge amount of pics

The chicken was salt brined for 4 hours with some garlic .. standard

Lime mint aioli is essentially any Aioli you care to use ( I mix whole egg mayo with garlic salt pepper and lemon juice) and add the juice and zest of a Lime and about 10 fresh mint leaves

The Havana club glaze is
1/4 cup brown sugar
3 shots rum
1 tablespoon honey
1 pinch chilli flakes
2 tablespoons water
2 tablespoons butter
This was all simmered down on the stove for about 10 mins until glaze like

Mojito pickles
1 small to medium cucumber thinly sliced
1/8 cup Havana club
1/8 rice wine vinegar
1 tablespoon chilli flakes
1 tablespoon ginger
1/2 lime juiced and zested
1/4 brown sugar
Mixed everything together and sit in fridge for 4 hours

After brining I flatten out my fillets for even cooking then dust them in seasoned flour

Green bell chilli was seeeded and stuffed with 50/50 cream cheese and mozzarella then roasted on the BBQ

The fillets were cooked on the flame grill on my BBQ for smokeyness using the glaze to keep them juicy and tender

This burger was amazing. The wife and I were astounded at how well it worked and yes it tasted like a Mojito

The trick was getting the balances right just like a cocktail
The chicken was sweet and sticky yet smokey the pickles and aioli were tart and rich at the same time
The hash brown added crunch while the avocado added creaminess
The lettuce was refreshing

Twiced-cooked pork belly burger by Rafael de Leon

Twiced-cooked pork belly burger by Rafael de Leon

This is a different take on the pork belly burger that I designed, entered and won for Chur Burger's monthly burger competition a while back. Pork belly burgers have been done before but I haven't come across one where the pork was braised in Chinese masterstock. I haven't come across a green mango slaw used in a burger either.

Summer to me is all about vibrance: look and flavour-wise. My burger brings both pork and green mangoes (yes mangoes) to the spotlight. I replaced an apple slaw with a mango slaw since mango is in season during summer. It will be cheaper and it would also taste at its best. Green mangoes has a similar crisp to an apple. The type I used is called cooking mango here in Sydney whilst in other countries, it's referred to as apple mango. Though it has some sweetness, the dominant sour properties of the mango along with onion helps cut through the richness of the pork.

The burger:
- Twiced-cooked pork belly
- lime aioili
- chilli jam
- mango slaw
- light brioche bun (bought from Aldi)

1. I started by making a Chinese masterstock which consists of light soy sauce, dark soy caramel, shaoxing rice wine, yellow rock sugar (crystalised sugar), garlic cloves, spring onions (white part only), cinnamon stick, cloves, coriander seeds, sichuan peppercorns, star anise, dried mandarin peel. Cooked the stock for about 30mins and waited for it to cool down, then discarded the solids.

2. Braised the slab of pork belly in the stock for 3 hours and 30mins in the oven at 150 degress celcius. Then took the pot out the oven and left pork to rest in the stock until it cooled down. Transferred pork to a plate and cover with cling wrap then refrigerated overnight. As the pork would be super tender, you need to tighten up the meat to prepare it for deep frying.

3. Made aioli with lime juice, egg yolks, dijon mustard, light olive oil, garlic and salt & pepper to season.

4. The chilli jam was store brought from Coles.

5. Julienne green mango, cabbage and onion then mixed in a bowl with a splash of lemon. The cabbage sweetens with aioli later in the processs and adds crunch. It also stabilises and holds the mango and onion in place when you place it inside the burger.

6. Sliced pork belly into thick slabs. Coated with seasoned flour and then deep fried. After that, you would have an aromatic pork belly that's crisped on the outside with a tender flavoured umami rich meat.

7. Assemble by buttering up the buns and lightly toast them first. Spread bottom half with chilli jam. Lay 2-3 slabs of pork belly, drizzle lime aioli and top with crackling and slaw.

I wanted a good ratio of crunchy and soft textures for this burger. You also get an even distribution of sweet and sour flavours with a lot of umami and aromatics from the meat due to the absorbed masterstock properties. I also opted for thicker cuts of pork belly for volume and juicyness. I'm going for an equilibrium of flavours and textures.

Steak, Snag and Shrimp burger by David Winch

Steak, Snag and Shrimp burger by David Winch

In summer the barbie gets fired up and various items get chucked onto the hotplate, so with that in mind I present the Steak, Snag and Shrimp Sanger! smile

Scotch fillet patty, chorizo, garlic/lime prawns, mayo, tomato, butter lettuce, Spanish onion, peri peri sauce, brioche.

In creating the burg I was mindful that if (by some miracle) this burger did clinch the final then others would be running it as a special so I kept it relatively simple and without too many processes that might be a PITA for an operating business.

The actual burger was pretty epic and while not perfect (eg the Donna Hay recipe for peri peri sauce tasted great but was very wet...would add more oil to emulsify next time) proved these ingredients play well together.

The Binga by Guy Maroney

The Binga by Guy Maroney

This was put together for Brett Lee's 40th birthday as a passionate cricket fan!

Anyone who knows Brett Lee knows he has an obsession for weetbix and smashes down 7 a day, he has done so since the day he was born.

This is how he built up the strength to rip in 150kmph thunderbolts to his terrified opponents.

Okay now to break down the burger and how it was made.

Red cricket ball style milk bun with sesame seed stitching - These looked great but I think I overworked them a little too much and they came out slightly too dense. They tasted great and smelt a lot like maccas buns.

Weetbix crumbed chicken - I soaked the chicken in buttermilk for around 4 hours with salt, pepper and Cayenne pepper and pumped them with lemon juice before crumbing. The crumb itself consisted of weetbix, Cayenne, garlic powder, onion powder, thyme, oregano, celery salt, mustard powder, salt and pepper.

Potato salad - (my favourite part of any BBQ)
Home made cayenne mayo, house hickory smoked chorizo and bacon, wholegrain mustard and shallots.

Additional smoked bacon
Sriracha cheese
Iceberg lettuce

Summer Stacker by Terence Sparkes

Summer Stacker by Terence Sparkes

This is what I ended up with:

Buttermilk and beer soaked double floured KFC herbed and spiced chicken

-love soaking in buttermilk and beer. Summer = beer beer beer for me
-really impressed with the taste of the chicken, can't believe how close to KFC it tastes and looks
-soaked for over 24, people don't soak for as long, but I like how moist it stays even when you cook it thoroughly
-fried at 175 degrees c

Grilled salted mango chili sauce

-to start with, salt and grilled mango is delish!
-Birdseye chilis
-cooked down, then chilled

Roast capsicum relish

-capsicums roasted then skinned
-cooked down similar to mango
-half the sauce blended, then re-added

Homemade lime and coconut mayo

-whisk whisk whisk
-egg yolks
-macadamia oil
-light olive oil
-lime zest
-coconut cream

Smoked American cheese

Crispy crispy bacon

Shredded iceburg lettuce

I used KFC buns, but I think a Milk bun would be the best fit with the chicken and these flavours.

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