Fowl Play

September 2016

Winners: Fowl Play

Another outstanding effort in August from the Fatties community saw us charging towards the finish line for the 2016 #fbashomeburg competition. We were excited to partner with some legends of their game - Adam Spencer, Mark Jan VanderGoot and the team from Chicken and Sons to again 'up the ante' and give our loyal followers the opportunity to win some fantastic prizes.

You may have tried 'the Big Bird', their awesome buttermilk-fried chicken wings or even the 'Big Mark' fries, but did you know that the boys are actually qualified chefs, and burgers aren't their first love?

Chef Adam set a 'chicken burger' theme and we were away, with tens of entries being submitted.

In the end, it was Fatties stalwart and closet amazing burger-chef Nathan Tchier who swept in with not one but three entries, which secured him the prize for the month. 


Chicken Teriyaki Katsu

Chicken Teriyaki Katsu by Nathan Tchier

By Nathan Tchier


Fowl Play

Chicken and Sons


Chicken Teriyaki Katsu by Nathan Tchier

Chicken Teriyaki Katsu by Nathan Tchier

"The wife and I had a hankering for Japanese last night. So we whipped up one of our faves.

Of course, I'm a fat bastard so turned mine into burger form.

From the base up
Japanese milk bun - Brasserie bread
Avocado wasabi butter
fresh cucumber
iceburg lettuce
Japanese sesame salad dressing to cover the greens
home made chicken katsu fillet coated in home made panko bread crumbs
white and red cheddar
chicken katsu fillet as above
home made teriyaki sauce (soy, ginger, garlic, sugar, honey, water and corn starch cooked down until awesome)
Japanese sunrise egg
Deep fried Nori strands
more teriyaki and sesame sauce
milk bun lid toasted in avocado wasabi butter

Once again the wife wanted traditional plating. Until she had a bite. Not sure how long she will continue to refuse the burger option."

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