Goodbye Dry July, Hello Awesome August!

August 2017

Winners: Goodbye Dry July, Hello Awesome August!

Winner: Mitchell Darley - has packed serious alcohol into this burger. Subtly using rum on the bacon, and the bourbon in his bbq sauce, and you'd never notice the vodka in his onion ring batter raspberry. This makes for the look of one might tasty burger. A great inclusion of the Molson and the Jalapeno poppers on the side to give it that real western feel.

Runner Up: Andrew Hardman - Great use of Cider to slow cook the pork a classic flavour combination. Can imagine sweet sticky pork right now. Coleslaw always off sets the softness and sweetness nicely. Plenty of salty pickles to cut through the other flavours. Kewpie mayo rocks!

Mystery prize goes to David


The Beer Baron

The Beer Baron by Mitchell Darley

By Mitchell Darley

Here Piggy Piggy

Here Piggy Piggy by Andrew Hardman

By Andrew Hardman


Goodbye Dry July, Hello Awesome August!

Chicken and Sons


The Beer Baron by Mitchell Darley

The Beer Baron by Mitchell Darley


When it came to concealing alcohol, nobody did it better than the Beer Baron. Those who remember the dark days of prohibition in Springfield know that the Beer Baron was instrumental in keeping the good times rolling. I can guarantee that if Rex Banner got a whiff of this bootlegger burger, punishment by catapult would be assured. This burger was inspired by the Baron's ability to hide alcohol in plain sight 

  • Double beef patties
  • Double American cheese
  • Bundaberg OP rum glazed bacon
  • Vodka battered onion rings
  • Jim Beam & brown sugar BBQ sauce
  • White onions
  • Jalapeño bite hidden under the Stetson hat bun
  • Served with a side of beer battered cheese and bacon jalapeño poppers and a Canadian Molson (because it tastes awesome).

Flavours worked really well. The taste of the Bundy really shone through on the bacon and you really can't go wrong with a classic beef, bacon and cheese combo. The bourbon BBQ sauce added a nice bite due to the chilli powder I added and finished off what I thought was a pretty well rounded burger.

Cheers Fatties!

Here Piggy Piggy by Andrew Hardman

Here Piggy Piggy by Andrew Hardman

I've named it "Here piggy piggy"

  • 10 hour slow cooked Apple Cider Pulled pork
    • (smoked paprika,brown sugar, salt, pepper, Somersby Alcoholic Apple Cider)
  • Woolworths Brioche Buns
  • Woolworths Rainbow Coleslaw with added Green apple and Kewpie mayo
  • Dill Pickles

This burg was by far one of the greatest things I have eaten. The pork was so tender and juicy and added with the slaw, kewpie and pickles just added to the flavour sensation!! I would make this daily if I could!!

Sweet Beam by David Kowlaski

Sweet Beam by David Kowlaski

I figured I might add a #fbashomeburg entry for the month before it finished so here it is.

  • Double smashed chuck steak patty 
  • Double American cheese 
  • Hickory smoked bacon 
  • Beer battered onion rings 
  • Brioche bun 
  • Jim Beam BBQ sauce

For the sauce I combined ketchup, mustard, Worcestershire sauce, white vinegar, tiny bit of onion and garlic powder, a little bit of chilli powder for bite and of course Jim Beam.

Sauce was a little on the sweet side but worked well to compliment the rest of the burger and wasn't overpowering at all. I will definitely be making that sauce again!

Whisky BBQ Burger by James Jackson

Whisky BBQ Burger by James Jackson

Here is my entry for this months #homeburg

Alcohol is to be used in ingredients so i made a (johnny walker black) whiskey BBQ sauce

Nailed it
Perfect balance

Geez did that make the burger next level

  • 3 star beef mince ×2
  • Cherry wood smoked bacon ×2
  • Dairy lea burger cheese ×2
  • Whiskey BBQ sauce
  • 4 leaf green mix
  • Coles brioche bun

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