Keeping It Simple

February 2017

Winners: Keeping It Simple

After an epic year in 2016 for homeburgs, we kicked off in 2017 with one of the most respected names in the burger game - Jimmy Hurslton and his Sydney eatery Guilty.

This challenge was all about keeping it simple; entrants could use no more than 5 ingredients on their burgers (including the bun).

We had a massive response to the comp with more than 20 entries, highlighting the community's love of pure, simple flavours. It was a close race but respected BBQ connoisseur Matt 'Booma' Bromage came away with the win with a delicious


Wagyu Beef Burger

Wagyu Beef Burger by Booma Bromage

By Booma Bromage


Keeping It Simple

Guilty Sydney


Wagyu Beef Burger by Booma Bromage

Wagyu Beef Burger by Booma Bromage

My home burger, my perfect burger. I love simple burgers.

Rich beef flavours complimented with a few choice ingredients.
Wagyu beef, little bit of blue cheese and bacon jam. All have strong flavours, but work perfectly together.
You have the heavy beefy wagyu, the blue cheese, but then a sweet bacon jam and the brioche to cut through the richness.

Wagyu Strip, hand ground coarse, 1 pass (65/35 mix at a guess)

Form patty and heavily salt as it hits the grill
Cooked with charcoal, hot and indirect, until med/rare
Place Castello Blue slice on top, let it melt
Bacon Jam on the bottom toasted bun


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