Meatstock Madness

April 2017

Winners: Meatstock Madness

This month we asked entrants to give us their best 'Meatstock-themed burger' and you guys submitted some beauties. I'm excited to announce that our two winners this month - and next FBAS members to secure spots in our year-end final are David Winch and Gus Gallagher!!!

First off I'd like to thank our generous sponsor Jay Beaumont for the awesome prizes and we wish him and the Meatstock team all the best for the upcoming Melbourne and Sydney festivals. Secondly, thanks to our April finalists Gus, Booma, David, Mark, Hannah and Jay. 

David & Gus, in addition to looking amazing, the judges thought that your burgers captured the heart and soul of Meatstock. Congratulations, you have each won 2 X weekend super passes to your local Meatstock Festival. 

Gus: Meatstock Melbourne and a meet and greet with 5 x world Barbecue Champion Tuffy Stone!! 

David: Meatstock Sydney and a meet and greet with BBQ Pitmaster Moe Cason!!

All the entries this month were great, but we'd also like to recognise the delicious 'Mochaccino Madness' burger from Jay Krome and so this month the runner up prize of 2 x Weekend Superpasses to Sydney Meatstock go to Jay!


Brisket cheeseburger

Brisket cheeseburger by Gus Gallagher

By Gus Gallagher


Meatstock Madness



Brisket cheeseburger by Gus Gallagher

Brisket cheeseburger by Gus Gallagher

Brisket cheeseburger - this one is an actual cheeseburger topped with smoked brisket.

Gusface mince patty reverse seared, cold smoked cheddar, special sauce and stout BBQ sauce on a potato roll.

Gusface mince and briskets from Troy's Meats of course.

Brisket cheeseburger featuring: 10 hour smoked brisket Smoked cheddar Gusface mince patty Stout bbq sauce / mayo Pickles Potato bun

Southern BBQ by ‎David Winch

Southern BBQ by ‎David Winch

Here's my bbq themed homeburg. Rather than sticking a prawn on the barbie I went South (and I don't mean to Tassie) smile This one features: - 100% brisket patty smoked over mesquite (home ground) - Southern chipotle slaw (home made) - lemon iced tea pickles (home made) - smoked bacon - smoked cheese - smokey KC style BBQ sauce (home made) - cheese and jalapeno bun (home baked) Tasted: OMFG. That is all :D On the off-chance this gets the nod then Sydney Meatstock preferred thank you, and thanks for the great challenge.

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