Say Cheese

May 2018

Winners: Say Cheese

Are you ready for your photo? yeah? Say Cheeeeeeeeeese! 

Another month of some absolutely fantastic entries for the homeburg competition that was sure make you (cheese) drool... 

1st Prize: Jay Krome 
Congratulations, you have won yourself a $100 Hanging Ladder voucher and your burger will become this months special! 

2nd Prize: Tristan Chambers 
Dine with a friend in highest way possible, as you have scored a Burger High Tea at The Hanging Ladder (plus a beverage each of course) 

Mystery Prize: Russel Dusting 
What's hanging at the ladder? A free burger for you sir! Congrats! 

A MASSIVE thank you to The Hanging Ladder and Andrew for sponsoring this months #fbashomeburg competition run! It has been cheesetastic! 

CONGRATULATIONS to all our winners this month, and thank you to all the entries who have helped make it an oozy comp, Good luck in next months Competition! 


Burgers, Onions & Cheese

Burgers, Onions & Cheese by Jay Krome

By Jay Krome

Cheese Is Your Illusion

Cheese Is Your Illusion by Tristan Chambers

By Tristan Chambers


Say Cheese

The Hanging Ladder


Burgers, Onions & Cheese by Jay Krome

Burgers, Onions & Cheese by Jay Krome

I went a little crazy! Stinging for some good homemade burgers on this special day 

  • Double Beef
  • Quad American cheese
  • Fried Cheetos cheese patty
  • Crispy Challenger Smallgoods Bacon
  • Onion & Bacon vinaigrette
  • Westmont pickles
  • Toasted Brasserie potato bun

Cheese Is Your Illusion by Tristan Chambers

Cheese Is Your Illusion by Tristan Chambers


Heres my entry for the #fbashomeburg comp this month! Starting from the bottom, working up to the top, it goes like so;

  • Brioche bun. Toasted and buttered. Spread with dijon mustard.
  • Spinach. Yeh its on the bottom...i really had to so i could protect the bun from so much cheese. Structural requirement.
  • French bistro style caramelised onion, 
  • Gusmince beef burger smash patty #1, with dairylea burger slice cheese
  • streaky bacon
  • Gusmince beef burger smash patty #2 with swiss cheese slice
  • Bechemel white sauce; made with parmesan cheese and white pepper
  • Croque Monsieur on top. Basically a french style toasted cheese sandwich with leg ham and gruyere cheese, pan fried in butter.

This was cheeeeeesey indeed. The cheesy fats are somewhat offset by the sweetness of the caramelised onion and the salty/acids of the bacon/dijon mustard. Spinach has a job protecting that bun but also brings freshness in french bistro style. The gruyere and swiss are both sweet and nutty, the parmesan rich and salty and the dairylea is there for that slutty cheese guilt we all love.

Had guns n roses use your illusion 2 playing for added cheese factor

2 Balls 1 Burg by Rio Lever

2 Balls 1 Burg by Rio Lever

For my cheesy entry to the May competition, I really tried to balance the cheeses without overpowering the other burger elements.

There was no doubt in my mind that this baby needed the soft yet indestructible Potato Bun. Made with brown sugar, strong & plain flour and of course, soft mashed potato.

This burger features mustard marinated scotch fillet, roasted as rare as a politician on public transport and sliced as thin as any FBAS member before joining the page. Topped with home made arancini balls. The risotto filing I made with butter, onion, bacon, arborio rice, dry white wine, button mushrooms, parsley and for the cheese, parmesan and goats cheese. Once cool, rolled into balls, battered in flour, egg and panko then fried in olive oil.

The home made cheese roux was the star here. I used my mum’s recipe with gouda and tasty cheese to create an extra stringy and warm flavour.

The red sauce was a home made roasted red capsicum pesto with pine nuts, basil, garlic and cold-pressed, unfiltered olive oil.

With a thin layer of American mustard to top it off, the burger was finished (and consumed by all very quickly).

My first homeburg without the classic minced patty and i’m absolutely sold. Will % make again.

The Quattro Formaggi by Shame O'Reilly

The Quattro Formaggi by Shame O'Reilly

4x 110gm Gusface flame grilled beef patties.

  • American Red Cheddar slice.
  • Monterey Jack cheese slice.
  • Dutch Gouda cheese slice.
  • Swiss cheese slice.
  • Smoked Maple Bacon.
  • BBQ bourbon sauce.
  • Red Onion.
  • Bread and Butter Pickles.
  • Served in a toasted Brioche and Fennel seed bun.

Down 'n Cheese by Russel Dusting

Down 'n Cheese by Russel Dusting

After seeing the very high quality of the previous homeburg participants entries in the last 2 months i couldn't let this one go without having a crack.

I've enjoyed the deep fried cheese patty at Down n Out Ryde twice, so I've always been keen to replicate this tasty cheese treat.
Like anyone with a griller and some cheese and a couple pieces of bread I've eaten a million grilled cheese toasties. Who hasn't enjoyed that? Apart from people with dairy allergies. But i digress.

The premise for the comp is 3 cheeses. So at lunchtime today i cut off some cheddar cheese ( definitely trying other cheeses for flavor and texture, mozzarella, havarti...etc), dusted in flour and an egg and dredged in panko bread crumbs twice and then placed in the freezer.
I decided to try the Coles brand Angus beef with Brisket mixed in today for the first time.
I fried the bacon up first with a sprinkling of bbq rub and then cooked up the beef patties.

I added my normal amount of salt and pepper even though I saw the patty had added stuff. Never bought this before. It has a good flavor and wonderful char but was probably to fatty for this burger with the cheese patty that was to come.
I gently fried up the cheese patty and once I saw a bit of cheese oozing after a few minutes i decided to plate up. I added an Aldi bbq cheese and a Woolies smoked cheese to the beef patty as it was resting.
Added homemade burger sauce and an American hickory smoked bbq sauce with sliced Spanish onion, tomato, butter lettuce on an Aldi brioche bun. Butter pickles and jalepenos for heat and crunch.

Finally..i got to sit down and eat it...with my wife and daughter laughing at my folly.
Damn it was a slippery ride into big burger town. The cheese patty was crunchy like a hash brown and the beef patty was juicy and well charred. It was really messy but a fun experience. At least I've had a go at making the cheese patty. I've still got another in the freezer for another time. That's ridiculous.
I would make the cheese patty smaller next time. Thanks for reading this far !

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