Southern Spice

June 2017

Winners: Southern Spice

This month we asked our members to create a burger that incorporated flavours, foods and spices originating from the South (of the U.S.A). This could cover everything and anything Southern from cornbread to buttermilk biscuits, hushpuppies and jambalaya just to name a few.

We had a fantastic month with more than 10 Southern-inspired entries incorporating everything from gravy to 'biscuit' buns, fried green tomatoes, chicken-fried steak and even crocodile!

After some deliberation, competition sponsor Adam Cremona from Miss Peaches in Newtown decided that:

First prize goes to Gus Gallagher for his amazing 'Biscuits and Gravy Cheeseburger'. Well done Gus, your entry captured the essence of the brief beautifully and looked absolutely delicious to boot.

Second prize goes to Jay Krome for his 'Pecan-smoked Cheeseburger.' In Adam's own words: "...all the elements are on point and I was salivating just looking at it."

Congratulations Guy and Jay! Please contact Adam to claim your prize which can be collected any time after July 19th, when Adam is back in Australia.

Because both Gus and Jay are previous monthly winners, we won't be giving any spots to the year-end cookoff away this month. But that means that next month we'll have two spots up for grabs! Woohoo!

The Fatmin team would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who invested time in entering this month. Look out for details of the July Homeburg competition which will be announced soon.


The Biscuits and Gravy Cheeseburger

The Biscuits and Gravy Cheeseburger by Gus Gallagher

By Gus Gallagher

Southern Angus

Southern Angus by Jay Krome

By Jay Krome


Southern Spice

Miss Peaches


The Biscuits and Gravy Cheeseburger by Gus Gallagher

The Biscuits and Gravy Cheeseburger by Gus Gallagher

The Biscuits and Gravy Cheeseburger, with chicken fried steak.

Thought I'd mash two southern classics: biscuits and gravy and chicken fried steak in Cheeseburger format along with pickled okra and a southern spiced mayo.

Holy shit this was good! Sometimes when i come up with the slightly crazier stuff I'm not sure where it will end up but this was so damn good.

Southern Angus by Jay Krome

Southern Angus by Jay Krome

200g Angus beef Pattie smoked with some Pecan wood, double American Cheese, sausage gravy, sweet holy trinity relish, Creole mustard.

This was delicious. Traditional southern style sausage gravy with smoked sausage, spices and cream. Creole mustard had a awesome vinegary kick! It had Worcestershire, Tabasco and spices. I made a sweet pickle with the holy trinity (onion, celery, capsicum) then chopped some coriander through

South Carolina by Kyle Rutten

South Carolina by Kyle Rutten

Had a fellow fattie) coming over for dinner so I knew it was burger time.

Went to Hudsons meats in Lane Cove and man they were amazing. I asked for a 50/50 split of chuck and brisket and they only had a fine grinder so the guy said he would HAND GRIND it... what?! Took 40 min but it came out awesome. Shoutout to them for customer service.

Burger consisted of 200g pattie. Woolies brioche buns. 2 x woolies smokey cheese. 2 x Canadian maple bacon. Fresh white onion. Butter lettuce. Mayonnaise. Lillie Q BBQ Sauce. GOLD - South Carolina Mustard. This was the MVP of the burger. WOW this sauce was incredible.

Meat cooked pink in the middle. Bacon super crispy. Cheese melted on top. South Carolina Mustard on top. Mayo on bottom. The rest as pictured. This burger was such a treat. Even threw a paleo burger in the mix which the person said was one of the best they'd had in a while.

Spuds were McCain sweet potatoe fries which were actually very good.

Sweet Caroline by Russell Dusting

Sweet Caroline by Russell Dusting

Sweet Caroline... good times never seemed so good..

Here's my take on the Carolina style burger for the comp. I really enjoyed making this burger as a lot of the spices and slaw are similar to the Texas style BBQ i like to cook, but with more of a sweet and spicy twist.

The Chili sauce is similar to a Nachos sauce, minus the beans. With spices such as cumin, paprika, onion and garlic powder, cayenne, brown sugar, salt n pepper etc with tinned tomatoes and beef stock it was a savoury mince sauce that had a good amount of sweet heat to carry through.

The Coleslaw consisted of the usual suspects. Cabbage and carrots and so on, with mayo and apple cider vinegar to cut through the more pronounced meat elements with the pattie and the chili sauce. The added crunchy texture was a good contrast to the meaty burger. The sauce had a subtle zing too.

And finally a well seasoned 150 gram pattie seared and cooked to perfection with a double melty cheese blanket to keep it warm. With american mustard and ketchup on the base of 2 toasted Brioche buns I had a very tasty burger in my hands.

The burger held surprisingly well whilst eating, still finger licking good at the end though. I would enjoy cooking this again for friends one day. I made some loaded fries with some leftover chili sauce, i could eat those all day. They didn't last long. The 3 different elements really complimented each other from the tang of the slaw, to the spice of the chili and the meaty hit from the pattie. 

Fried Green Tomatoes Burger by Mark Beuzeville

Fried Green Tomatoes Burger by Mark Beuzeville

This was amazing. The creamed corn base was super sweet but not overpowering. The fried green tomatoes added a nice crunch and worked well with the butterbean and bacon mix. The comeback sauce was spicy with a lingering tang.

Chuck steak patty

Smoked cheese slices

Creamed corn base

Cos lettuce

Homestyle butter beans with onion and bacon

Fried green tomatoes

Southern comeback sauce (Mayo, tomato sauce, Worcester, honey, Siracha, cajun spices)

Brioche bun

The Crocodile Rock by Nathan Tchier

The Crocodile Rock by Nathan Tchier

Had a few family over to try my competition entries.

When I think of the south I think of the Bayou and comfort food so we had a feast with a twist.

I wanted to use something very common in the south so I thought Alligator would be perfect

Please note that i used crocodile fillets instead of alligator as I could not find any but I'm hoping that given they are cousins as animals you will forgive me.

Ground Crocodile patty

Slider milk bun

Cucumber and red onion

Holy trinity aioli ( blends home made aioli with onion, celery, green capsicum)

Ice burg lettuce


Gouda cheese

The Croc Dundee by Nathan Tchier

The Croc Dundee by Nathan Tchier

Corn bread crumbed deep fried crocodile fillet

Slider milk bun


Red onion

Ice burg

Holy trinity aioli

Gouda cheese

Southern Spice Entry by Ahad Malik

Southern Spice Entry by Ahad Malik

Marinated grilled chicken thigh or marinated sous vide + grilled chicken breast

Coleslaw (cabbage, pickle juice, onion, parsley, ...)
Southern spiced sweet potato rosti
Chili mayo

Pickles 4/5 but that's only because the bun was mediocre at best. On a good bun this could easily have been a 4.5+ burger! The chicken was the best chicken I had in a loooooong time.
Condiment game on point. 8/8 there.

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