The Meatiest Burger

April 2018

Winners: The Meatiest Burger

April #fbashomeburg WINNER ANNOUNCEMENT

Old MacDonald had a farm, and that farm ended up on your burgers this month! Seeking out the Meatiest Burger got us some absolutely mouth watering entries, that will see our fatties off to Meatstock Sydney this year!

1st Prize: Sam Frizell
Congratulations you’ll be participating in the Meatstock Burger Competition on Saturday May 5! As well as FOUR weekend super passes for you and your friends, plus some sweet as Meatstock Merchandise!

2nd Prize: Shane O'Reilly
You and a friend have scored yourself TWO Meatstock Weekend Super Passes as well as securing your own Meatstock merchandise! m

Mystery Prize: Jodie Marie Allen
Congratulations you have been awarded a free Meatstock Sydney Sunday ticket just for commenting and tagging a mate!

Massive thanks to Meatstock Sydney, Jay and Adam for sponsoring this months #fbashomeburg Competition! Hope everyone enjoys their Meatstock weekend, and may the best BBQ win!

Congratulations to our winners and MASSIVE thanks to all the entries for your meaty burger creations! Good luck in the next homeburg comp which will be legendary!

Fatmin Team


The Spaniard

The Spaniard by Sam Frizell

By Sam Frizell

The Triple

The Triple  by Shane O'Reilly

By Shane O'Reilly


The Meatiest Burger



The Spaniard by Sam Frizell

The Spaniard by Sam Frizell

So this is my Spanish themed entry to this months #fbashomeburg, featuring a hand chopped smoked beef shortrib patty on a bed of manchego cheese, mango/chilli/roquette salsa, spicy fried chicken and a chorizo/lime/chilli aioli.

I chose the kaiser roll today as they were particularly soft and I felt like trying something different from the norm. Great buns tbh.

My three proteins were beef (chopped shortrib patty), pork (chorizo aioli), and chicken (spicy crispy chicken).

Roquette salsa:
I tossed some roughly chopped roquette with one mango (diced), four starfish chillies (finely sliced), half a Spanish onion (finely sliced), juice of half a lime and a drizzle of olive oil and a crack of black pepper.

Crispy chicken:
Lemon and herb marinated chicken fillet sliced and coated in rice bubbles and Carribean spices.

Chorizo aioli:
Diced (super fine) half a chorizo, a few Brazilian starfish chillies, a quarter Spanish onion, two cloves of garlic, half a spring onion, the pulp of one lime, and 6 tbsp of whole egg mayo and a crack of black pepper.

The Triple  by Shane O'Reilly

The Triple by Shane O'Reilly

Low n Slow Pork Belly

Akorn Fried Chicken

Wagyu Smash Patty
DairyLea Burger Cheese
Monterey Jack Cheese
Red Leicester Cheese
Fancy Lettuce
Red onion
Bread and Butter Pickles
Cheesy Maple Sauce
PeriPeri Mayo
BurgerQ Sauce
Served in a toasted Milk Bun

Low n Slow pork belly coated with Hardcore Red smoked with Snakewood and sliced thinly, milk brined chicken thighs coated with Rice flour and spices and fried in the Kamado Akorn, West Australian Wagyu patty cooked smash style in the Solidteknics frypan, triple cheese, my own cheesy maple sauce creation, periperi mayo, my BurgerQ sauce, salady stuff and a freshly toasted Brumby’s milk bun.

Maple Day Off by Matt Stevenson

Maple Day Off by Matt Stevenson

Rare day off so I decided to have a go at this months challenge. I choose to go with beef, pork and lamb.

Kids love their beef burgers, so that was an easy choice.

Pork, I've been wanting to try the maple bacon jam recipe posted on here for quite a while, so that got a run.

Lamb, well the lamb mince was on the clearance shelf at woolies which made that choice easy as i wasnt sure what I was going to do with chicken.

  • Woolies brioche buns
  • Woolies smoky cheese
  • Coles special burger sauce
  • 100% chuck patty 125g
  • Lamb mince patty 125g
  • Maple bacon jam.

Came together well. The maple bacon jam was a bit overdone which made it a bit chewy with crunchy bits. Probably needed some pickles to offset the sweetness from the maple bacon too. All in all, a nice mix of flavors that worked well.

The Bavarian Tasting Platter by Sam Frizell

The Bavarian Tasting Platter by Sam Frizell

So for this month the requirement is three animals on a burger... spoilt for choice right?

So after I did a general stocktake of the fridge I found I had some German snags, about a million kilos of chicken breast, a bit of pickled red cabbage and some mustard based sauces I mixed up previously, so I thought I’d go Bavarian bier style and put their tasting platter in a burger.

My three animals: Beef, Pork, Chicken

Starting with the beef patty, nothing special, hand pressed butcher bought mince (I don’t have a minced yet). Covered in hi melt cheese when the patty is almost ready.

Kransky, again nothing special, the type you get from a German smallgoods store or even Aldi, I also had a rookwurst so I sliced that up too. Cooked them in the oven at 120 degrees for an hour (so they didn’t split).

The chicken is breast fillet, hammered flat and marinated in lemon juice and parsley, then coated in a lemon zest and herb crumb and deep fried.

I made a batch of super basic bacon jam because let’s face it, bacon is awesome on everything.

Bacon jam:
About a kilo of bacon with 3 large brown onions finely diced. Cook bacon until a little crispy and then add the onion and some minced garlic (about 3 cloves worth), season with salt and pepper.

Cook it until onion is softened and add a half a cup of brown sugar and about 200ml of malt vinegar and about 150ml of water. I also added around 50-60 ml of Worcestershire.
Cook this down until thick and sticky and let it cool.

Honey mustard mayo:
Whole egg mayo, hot English mustard, American mustard, seeded mustard, honey and lemon juice.

Wasabi mustard garlic mayo:
Get about a teaspoon of wasabi and hot English mustard with a generous dollop of mayonnaise and a tiny bit of minced garlic mixed together.

So many more idea for this month. I can’t wait to see some more entries!

Special K 2.0 by Jay Krome

Special K 2.0 by Jay Krome

Using three proteins was hard, I didn't want the flavours to be weird or clash etc... Not something I really do either...

Booma’s winning pork burger is great example of thinking outside the box and obviously what the judges in burger land want to see. So after I posted a Korean inspired burger earlier in the week, I figured it was a good road to travel down... Consider this one the upgraded version and definitely outside the box. Thanks to those that commented and gave me a few ideas 

Smoked beef patty, American cheese, Chicken Skin Crackling, Smoked Spiced Pork Belly, Spicy Pickled Garlic, Sesame Pickled cucumber, Fresh Shallots, gochujang Mayo, Toasted Milk Bun

BEEF Patty is home ground chuck with lots of fat. One pass, largest plate on grinder for a nice chunky grind. Hand formed into 220g patties. Smoked with apple chunks for 25 minutes, then seared and cheesed up.

PORK Belly, low n slow smoked in the little Weber for several hours over some apple chunks. I made a dry rub with some Chinese Five Spice, salt and pepper. Spritzed with Korean hot sauce and water. After a while I wrapped it up and to help break it down, I added some more hot sauce (thanks Gee), apple cider vinegar and some butter. I cool overnight, then I sliced it thik, basted with some sauce and gave it a few minutes in the smoker to glaze up and soften throughout. I wanted this to be a super Smokey, spicy, porky hit but still soft, tender and succulent. It was glorious tbh. For the burger next time, cut the pork a little thinner I reckon (a little easier to eat).

CHICKEN Skins are the goods! Stripped the skin off a whole chook, cut it in three, pat dry, sprinkled with sea salt and baked between parchment until crisp all the way through. Like salty chicken crackling!

I pickled the cucumber in the Japanese tsukemono style. Lightly sprinkled with salt, toasted sesame seeds and dried chilli. Pressed in a bowl for a minimum of 4 hours. It’s amazing how much flavour the sesame imparts into the cucumber.

Spicy pickled garlic is super simple. Bring distilled white vinegar, sugar to the boil. Add sliced garlic and chilli and salt. Simmer 3 minutes. Remove from heat and pour into jar when cool.

Gochujang is a Korean fermented chilli past and is fantastic with (anything) grilled meats! Probably 1 part Gochujang to 2 parts mayo.

Milk buns from Brasserie Bakery.

My Big Fat Greek Burger by Andrew Salkeld

My Big Fat Greek Burger by Andrew Salkeld

First ever entry into a fbashomeburg so go easy. I chose to do this to see if I was capable of producing something a little more interesting than my regular, dull homeburgs

The Brief was to make meat, and who loves their meat more than the Greeks??
The meats:
Beef pattie

The fillers: tzatziki, Greek salad, American cheese, haloumi, lemon aioli

Beef pattie: kept it simple: 250gm of woolies 18% fat mince, with oregano, paprika and olive oil added. Cooked on the bbq with a slice of a Smokey cheese on top.

Chicken: marinated for two hours in parsley, lemon juice, olive oil, garlic, salt, pepper. Cooked on the bbq

Pork: marinated for in salt, pepper, lemon juice, oregano, garlic. Cooked on bbq, then sliced

Greek salad: I know you fatties don’t like tomato meat your burgs (normally I don’t, but it’s an integral part of the salad). Tomato, cucumber, feta, oregano, olive oil and white wine vinegar

Lemon aioli: mixed some mayo, lemon zest, lemon juice, salt, pepper and garlic and refrigerated. Came out surprisingly well.

Grilled the haloumi on the bbq to get it a little bit melty.

Ran out of time to hand make the tzatziki, so it’s store bought.

Classic coles brioche buns used (unfortunately pita bread couldn’t really work here)

Enjoyed with an ice cold Greek my this beer. Please note I’m a complete amateur in terms of cooking and photography, but I thought this came out really well. I look forward to the next challenge

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