Unleash Your Inner Madman

October 2016

Winners: Unleash Your Inner Madman

For October, we were thrilled for the opportunity to partner with the one and only Charles Curnow - affectionately known as 'THE MADMAN' to once again up the ante and give our loyal followers the opportunity to win some fantastic prizes.

Chef's Kitchen is one of our favourite places to eat burgers - my fave is the Chicken Menage or Odin's Demise! Charlie's burgers consistently score in the 4.5+/5 range from our members. He often has a line out the door and is one of the hardest working people in the industry, often putting in 18 hour days, with the only intent to perfect his craft and make his customers happy. Not only are his burgers amaze, but we reckon his fries are amongst the best you'll find in Sydney as well!

Charles has taken his formal training and recently added a service where he runs cooking classes, prepares and sells take-home packs of his delicious patties and other goodies, and also supplies some other BIG NAMES in the burger game with some of their patties and smoked meats! There's no higher complement than that. And it is this way because they're all such high quality.

For this month we encouraged members to release their INNER MADMAN! It was all about having fun and letting loose this month and the highest scoring entries showed us:

1. their technical skill.
2. how they considered the use of textures/ different flavour combinations.
3. what they did to push the envelope and do something 'out there'
4. the inclusion of a "hero element" in the burger; a flavour or texture that stands out and "makes" the burger.

In the end, it was a fantastic entry - the 'One Punch' beef burger from blogger and all around nice guy Rafael de Leon that came away with the win. Glorious!


One Punch

One Punch by Rafael de Leon

By Rafael de Leon


Unleash Your Inner Madman

Chef's Kitchen


One Punch by Rafael de Leon

One Punch by Rafael de Leon

"The One Punch burger: double smash juicy beef patty (83:17 meat to fat ratio), double cheese, slices grilled homemade chashu (that I normally use for making ramen), dashi miso mayo, tonkatsu sauce, pickles and onion in a lightly toasted milk bun. Inspired by my love for burgers, tonkatsu and fish broth ramen. Just like the anime hero One Punch Man, the flavours get you with one big umami punch at first bite. The tender pork belly chashu works like a thick bacon with a sweet caramelised flavour. I wanted it to be "mad packed" whilst still being able to fit the burg in your mouth without breaking your jaw or deconstructing it. Saitama sensei would be proud of this."

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