Unusual & Unexpected Flavours

March 2017

Winners: Unusual & Unexpected Flavours

The legends behind at Hashtag Burgers and Down N' Out have decided their favourite entries for this month and what bloody good choices they've made!

1st Prize: Congratulations to Jay Krome for your whacky "Cherry Ripe" burger. You've scored a $50 voucher for Down n Out & 4 x Burgapalooza Tickets.

2nd Prize: David Winch for your super weird kangaroo/beetroot/oyster burger combo! You've scored yourself 2 x Burgapalooza Tickets.

Mystery Prize: And just for simply tagging a mate on the original post, Tim Eather you've also scored yourself 2 x Burgapalooza Tickets.

Big thanks to the crew at Hashtag Burgers and Down n Out for such amazing prizes.

Another huge thanks to all those who entered, and better luck next time those who missed out. Keep an eye out for April's #fbashomeburg competition, the prizes and details are very exciting! Happy Homeburging y'all!


Cherry Ripe

Cherry Ripe by ‎Jay Krome

By ‎Jay Krome


Unusual & Unexpected Flavours

Hashtag Burgers

Unusual & Unexpected Flavours



Cherry Ripe by ‎Jay Krome

Cherry Ripe by ‎Jay Krome

Big shout out to David Juan-Bandito Kowalski for the concept of this burger! We were talking at work after reading the brief and he said what about CHOCOLATE BACON & CHERRY RIPES!!!!!!

THE CHERRY RIPE Deep Fried Cadbury Cherry Ripe Topper

  • Seasoned with Chocolate Salt Milk Bun
  • 2x Cherry Smoked Angus Patties
  • Brie Cheese
  • Chocolate Bacon
  • Pickled Cherries
  • Cocoa Choc-Cherry Ketchup

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